We’ve partnered with The Investigo Group as part of their continued focus on employee development.

Following their appointment of Sarah House-Barklie as Head of Culture and Talent in early November, Investigo are continuing their mission to put people at the top of the business agenda by partnering with us.

We want to continue to empower organisations to build world-class talent acquisition strategies and services. Working alongside HR directors, talent directors and C-suite stakeholders, we help define, build and execute effective people strategies through diagnostic tools.

Commenting on Investigo’s acquisition of Caraffi, CEO Nick Baxter said: “The data-driven focus of Caraffi’s offering means the company is brilliantly positioned in today’s market and with the help of Investigo’s existing client and candidate relationships, together we hope to be able to fill a gap in talent management consultancy.

“We believe people should be at the heart of every business’ agenda. Identifying, recognising, nurturing and developing talent are invaluable benefits for both employees and organisations.

“Indeed, as part of our commitment to improve our own internal recruitment strategy and hiring process, we have asked Caraffi to perform an audit of Investigo’s current talent acquisition function and historic hiring data and trends. Insights from which we eagerly await.”

Commenting on the partnership with Investigo, Caraffi founder Graeme said:  

“We are joining forces with a company that is as passionate about the power of talent as we are. The strength of Investigo’s client portfolio and international vision is what will take us to the next level. We believe that talent and human experience is the key driver for business performance, and this partnership allows us to deliver our services on a global scale.”

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