What you need to know about translating your values into behaviours...

The what

Behaviours are the easy to observe, practical applications of your values – turning your values into day-to-day, tangible, observable and measurable actions. 

Values tend to be broad brushstrokes, but behaviours nail the detail of what you expect your people to do. There can be many, sometimes opposite behaviours for a single value, so expanding your focus to include behaviours can avoid ambiguity.

The why

Well defined behaviours will help you to create clear objectives that you can hold your people accountable to.

Aligning this to your key points in the employee lifecycle allows you to identify top talent, reward great behaviour and tackle any behaviours that perhaps doesn’t reflect the company you want to be.

The how

To identify your current behaviours, we suggest completing a quantitative and qualitative approach across a representative, random sample of employees.

This approach combines the following:

Identification of current behaviours

This is your quantitative data. Our experts can create a behaviour descriptor survey that will allow you to clearly identify the commonly practiced behaviours that already exist within your business.

Observation of behaviours in real-life settings

You can use a qualitative behavioural interview approach to understand and identify the key scenarios throughout the talent experience in which these behaviours are exhibited.

These exercises will help you to translate your values into day-to-day actions for employees that will help them to understand exactly what you expect from them.

Your values are no longer just posters on the wall – they are truly embedded into your culture.

Kirsten Tolfree-Dart

Kirsten Tolfree-Dart

With a background in Psychology, Kirsten is a qualified Green Six Sigma Expert specialising in processes, organisational design and technology.


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