The 5 BIG QUESTIONS YOU NEED TO ASK YOUR TA STRATEGY... and the smaller ones you have to answer first!

Talent is the backbone of your business, so you have to make sure that your talent strategy is really going to put the best people in your organisation. But is your talent strategy delivering its true potential? Ask yourself these questions to find out:

Why will people want to work for you, and not your competitors?

This is maybe one of the most important questions you have to ask of your talent strategy. If you’re losing the best candidates to your competitors then you’re losing your competitive edge in the market. In order to answer this you’ll have to think about:

  • What is your unique value proposition as an employer?
  • Is this communicated to candidates consistently throughout the entire talent lifecycle?
  • How are you measuring the success of your employer brand?

Are your recruitment processes fit for purpose?

The average recruitment process has 91 touchpoints

The average recruitment process has 91 touchpoints in the hiring funnel alone. A lengthy, complicated candidate experience could damage your company’s reputation as an employer, especially when 72% of those candidates share their poor experience online. So you’ll have to consider:

  • Does your recruitment process stop once the job has been offered?
  • Are recruiters and hiring managers well trained in your software and processes?
  • Who is responsible for making sure recruiters follow your process?
  • Does the process have loopholes that people can (and will) use?

Do you have recruitment data? Or recruitment insights?

Everyone has recruitment data. But data doesn’t give you the full picture you need. You have to turn that data into actionable insights that will help you continually improve. So think about:

  • Are you just measuring the performance of your recruitment function, or are you also measuring the quality of the people you hire?
  • Do you have any predictive analytics that could help you understand what you’ll need in the years to come?

Are the right people in the right jobs?

When you’ve found the right people, it’s important that you’re continually considering whether they’re in the right roles. This includes looking ahead to the future and working out who you’ll need to get you to the future you want. Think about:

  • Are existing employees receiving the management training they need?
  • Do you have accurate diversity data?
  • How prepared is your organisation for growth?
  • What events might affect your strategy?

Why do talented people leave your business?

You don’t want to lose great people to your competitors which means you have to be thinking about your employee engagement. But it’s even worse if they leave and you don’t know why because you won’t be able to learn from that. Make sure you have an understanding of:

  • How engaged are your employees?
  • Are you currently conducting engagement surveys and exit interviews?
  • What insights have you gained from these exercises?
  • What more could you be doing to keep employees engaged?
Graeme Paxton

Graeme Paxton

Graeme is Caraffi's founder and has worked in talent acquisition for eighteen years. Now he's helping organisations transform talent themselves.

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