Innovate your way past the competition with fully optimised people technology.

According to the Harvard Business Review, only 11% of business leaders trust HR to use data to anticipate and help them fill their talent needs.

We work with people leaders to make sure their technology is doing everything it should – and more. From AI to predictive analytics. From sourcing to assessment. The possibilities are endless.

Why Caraffi?

We take your people technology to another level.

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Make it personal

Make it personal

Every solution we create is different and based on the unique needs and demands of each organisation.
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Go fully digital

Go fully digital

All our solutions are designed to transform the candidate and employee experience through digital, IA and AI tools.

Do more with data

Do more with data

We use a research-based approach to identify root causes and create solutions that work.

Move fast

Move fast

Our agility means we can design a future-proofed people strategy for you within six weeks.


We have identified six areas of talent acquisition technology that are critical for success. We’ll show you how you match up against your competitors and best practice – and where and how you need to improve.

Systems design iconWell-configured, easy-to-use systems are critical for effective talent acquisition. Are yours fully optimised and, if not, how could they be improved?

Systems integrationAre your TA systems fully integrated with the rest of your HR technology? What further automation opportunities could you explore?

Systems compliance iconWe analyse system adoption within your TA team and hiring manager community to determine compliance liabilities. Are there any data security risks you need to be aware of?

Systems experience iconHow easy is it for candidates and hiring managers to use your technology? We analyse your systems through a user experience lens to pinpoint usability issues and recommend areas for improvement.

Insights 2 iconIs your data providing you with the accurate, actionable insights you need? We assess your current systems and recommend ways to solve any issues or gaps.

ROI iconTA technology is a big investment. Are you getting your money’s worth? We benchmark your tools against the market and competitors and suggest ways to get more value out of your setup.


We help you optimise your technology solutions in three key areas.

Poor systems deliver poor user experiences – for everyone. We help you optimise your technology setup, saving time, reducing risks and strengthening your reputation among candidates, hiring managers and employees.
Talent acquisition can be a key driver of business strategy. But only if it can provide the information the business needs. We help you generate accurate data and turn it into actionable insights.
You can’t attract tomorrow’s talent with yesterday’s technology. We’ll help you find ways to harness the latest tech innovations, from chatbots to predictive analytics.


A solution isn’t a solution until you make it reality. We’ll partner with you to implement the technology changes you need, wherever you need them.

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Select recruitment system

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Change ATS configuration

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Create dashboard

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Manage TA team adoption

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Develop training toolkits


Implement AI and predictive analytics