Performance development

Unlock the power of your top talent to achieve strategic and financial goals.

Effective performance development puts your organisation at a significant competitive advantage. But the job of managing, developing and redeploying talent is more complex than it has ever been.

Meeting the changing expectations of a new generation of employees? Harnessing the latest social, mobile and cloud technologies to make your processes more efficient? We’re here to help you rise to the challenge, with strategies that not only support business performance but drive it.

Why Caraffi?

We take your performance development service to another level.

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Take control

Take control

We help you build your in-house capability, so you don’t need to hand control of your talent over to costly third-party providers.
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Go fully digital

Go fully digital

All our solutions are designed to transform the candidate and employee experience through digital, IA and AI tools.

Do more with data

Do more with data

We use a research-based approach to identify root causes and create solutions that work.

Move fast

Move fast

Our agility means we can design a future-proofed strategy for you within six weeks.


We have identified the five key pillars that underpin successful performance development. We’ll show you how you match up against your competitors and best practice – and where and how you need to improve.

Strategy IconThe purpose of performance development is to build the skills your organisation needs. Have you defined what good looks like for your leaders and employees? Does this form the basis of your performance development strategy?

Team capability iconGetting performance development right requires specialists in everything from learning culture approaches to digital learning tools, from change management to business strategy. Is your team up to the job?

Strategy IconIdentifying the make-up of stayer performers. Finding and developing the next generation of leaders. Creating engaging digital learning experiences. How much impact is your team having on your organisation’s success?

Talent experience iconThe most successful companies provide people with clear, diverse career paths and performance development experiences that are personalised and inspiring. How about yours?

Technology iconFrom intuitive dashboards to talent pooling tools, technology has the power to transform your performance development services. Could your technology be doing even more?


With our talent expertise and your intricate knowledge of your organisation, we’ll design a transformation programme that delivers the future you want. Right pace. Right content. Right outcomes. Right cost.

Future-proof strategy
You get a digital, data-driven strategy with inspiring performance development experiences designed for leaders, employees and HR.
Detailed transformation plan
To help you turn your performance development ambitions into reality, we provide a detailed plan for transformation along with a crystal-clear communications strategy and business case for change.


A solution isn’t a solution until you make it reality.
We’ll partner with you to deliver the changes you need, wherever you need them.

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Leadership capability

  • Leadership assessment and leadership team capability analysis
  • Leadership development programme design
  • Leadership diversity strategy
  • Succession planning improvement
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Performance management

  • Improve strategy, approach, templates, systems and processes
  • Introduce new KPIs and SLAs for performance management dashboards
  • Align performance management with EVP
  • Launch personal development programme
  • Manager training
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Learning and development

  • Introduce new learning strategy and culture
  • Create tailored, digital learning content
  • Implement or reconfigure learning management system
  • Design graduate and apprenticeship programmes
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  • Implement internal mobility strategy
  • Analyse cross-training opportunities
  • Develop internal talent asset register
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Inclusion and diversity

  • Design and implement L&D strategy
  • Implement diversity impact analytics
  • Introduce neurodiversity programme
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Internal comms

  • Introduce new strategy, content calendar and service
  • Design engagement surveys and pulse checks
  • Design employee advocacy programme