Job advert analysis by Timewise has shown that just over 15% of roles advertised in the UK are flexible – up slightly from the previous year.

Almost half of all advertised flexible jobs were for part-time roles. And only 27% of the job adverts Timewise analysed explicitly offered flexible working.

A further quarter of flexible job adverts offer other specific forms of flex, such as home-working or flexi-time. The remaining quarter offer unspecified options for ‘flexible working’ – these tend to be full-time jobs where the employer is open to flexibility by negotiation with the candidate.

But 87% of employees want to work flexibly.

The problem is particularly prevalent for those trying to move from low paid part-time jobs into middle-earning part-time jobs.

23% of vacancies in the lowest pay band (under £20k FTE) offer flexible working options, but at the next salary band (£20k-£34K FTE), the availability of flexible jobs drops off to just 14%.

The rate of growth in flexible jobs has actually been fastest amongst higher paid roles. In adverts for jobs paid over £60k FTE, the availability of flexible working has trebled over 5 years, from 5 per cent in 2016 to 15 per cent now.

We need to inspire cultural change across the market and convince employers that flexible working, and in particular part-time work, can be hugely successful in all kinds of jobs types and industries that you would not expect.

Emma Stewart, Timewise CEO
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