New research from Milkround has proved that job seekers are discouraged from applying to ads filled with jargon.

In fact 75% of milkround’s 2000 respondents said that they would prefer job ads to be written in plain English, and 64% said that they wouldn’t apply to a job if they didn’t understand every part of the job description.

Jargon seems like a problem that we’ve been battling for years, but according to Milkround the problem is only getting worse. They say that there’s been a 21% increase in the average amount of jargon since 2017.

Are you looking for a laser-focused ninja with a passion for blue-sky thinking? Well don’t! 64% said that they wouldn’t apply to a job if they didn’t understand the job description!

For this study, Milkround scanned over 32,000 job adverts posted in the last two years against a master list of the 83 worst examples of jargon.

The result was that, on average, every job-ad contains 4.1 examples of jargon. Unfortunately, some bad PR for the PR industry since it was found to have the highest average jargon usage per job ad, with 4.7 examples of jargon per ad!

Your job ads are often the first point that candidates come into contact with you and your employer brand. Don’t let potential applicants assume that they’re unqualified, or, even worse, that your company culture just isn’t for them.

Thankfully, along with their research, Milkround have created a jargon decoder to help you identify and remove the jargon from your job adverts.

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