Future talent planning

Develop winning strategies for securing the skills you need tomorrow.

Finding the talent you need for the future is critical – not just for your workforce but for your organisation’s bottom line.

Is your future talent planning strategy up to the job? We make sure you have the data, insights and expertise you need to identify potential skills gaps. Even more importantly, we help you find smart, innovative ways to fill them.

Why Caraffi?

We take your future planning strategy to another level.

Personal icon

Make it personal

Make it personal

Every solution we create is different and based on the unique needs and demands of your organisation.
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Go fully digital

Go fully digital

All our solutions are designed to transform the candidate and employee experience through digital, IA and AI tools.

Do more with data

Do more with data

We use a research-based approach to identify root causes and create solutions that work.

Move fast

Move fast

Our agility means we can design a future-proofed strategy for you within six weeks.


We have identified the five key pillars that underpin a successful future talent planning strategy. We’ll show you how you match up against your competitors and best practice – and where and how you need to improve.

Strategy IconThe best future talent plans are intimately connected to business strategy. They are also grounded in research and market intelligence. Are yours?

Team capability iconUnderstanding and anticipating future skills requirements requires highly specialised skills. Does your team have the right capabilities?

Strategy IconHow much difference is your strategy really making? Are you having a measurable impact on the retention of key skills, reduction of costs and upskilling of internal talent?

Talent experience iconEmployee retention, engagement and advocacy are all critical for success. Are you doing enough to keep your workforce motivated and inspired?

Technology iconYour talent planning strategy lives or dies by the technology underpinning it. Do you have the well-configured, easy-to-use tools and systems you need?


With our talent expertise and your intricate knowledge of your organisation, we’ll design a transformation programme that delivers the future you want. Right pace. Right content. Right outcomes. Right cost.

Future-proof strategy
You get a digital, data-driven strategy for future talent planning, with experiences designed for leaders, managers, TA, HR and L&D – and everyone else in your organisation.
Detailed transformation plan
To help you turn your future talent planning ambitions into reality, we provide a detailed plan for transformation along with a crystal-clear communications strategy and business case for change.


A solution isn’t a solution until you make it reality. We’ll partner with you to deliver the changes you need, wherever in your future planning strategy you need them.

Culture icon

EVP and culture

  • Research, design and launch employer value proposition
  • Assess, validate and create company values
  • Design and activate employer brand
  • Transform work environment and ways of working
Insight icon

Research and insights

  • Competitor talent mapping
  • Future talent trends and workspace insights
  • Location analysis
  • Voice of the customer
Operating model

Target operating model

  • HR strategy
  • Organisation design
  • Reward structure
  • Competencies and behaviours
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Skills gaps
  • Leadership capability assessment / standards
DNA icon

DNA analytics

  • Lever analysis (biodata, psychometrics, behaviours etc.)
  • Stayer analysis (performers and non-performers)
  • Future leadership competencies
  • Proactive sourcing strategy
  • Succession planning and performance management
Internal mobility icon

Internal mobility

  • Develop learning content and strategy
  • Identity future redundant skillsets and cross-training opportunities
  • Manage cross-training launch, management and communication
  • Train HR and leaders in cross-training approach
  • Internal social mobility
Diversity and inclusion icon

Inclusion and diversity

  • Inclusion strategy
  • Inclusion metrics and dashboards
  • Diversity balance change programmes
  • Leadership capability training and development