Discover how we transformed this business's use of SAP SuccessFactors.

The challenge:

This large global FMCG business was looking to transform their HR service and revolutionise the employee experience.

The business had engaged a global consulting firm to design and implement a shared service model for all corporate functions (Legal, HR, Finance, Procurement etc.)

The newly created shared service centre was designed using SAP SuccessFactors as the core system.

Whilst the shared service centre had been successful across many departments, the HR function was facing several difficult challenges.

The data challenges

The systems challenges

The experience challenges

The solution:

Through Caraffi led workshops, we completed a deep dive into all HR process and system design documentation.

Findings were put through our diagnostic methodology, breaking down every step, system dependency and underlying user experience to produce our recommendations for change.

New process maps, system requirements and a project plan were documented to manage the transformation through departmental stakeholders and sign off.

Test plans, scripts and success criteria were defined, and 3rd party vendors aligned to support development work.

Development and test environments were locked for the configuration and testing period.

Functional teams were brought in to test and train in parallel.

Testing of data quality, workflows, automated processes, modules, 3rd party integrations, GUI and overall functionality

Testing results tracked and closely managed. Applying retests as required.

Completion of test and train period, with supporting documentation and sign off by change board.

Final pre-live testing, in production.

Completion of training for all system users.

Integration into operations in phases by the functional team.

Management of transition within the organisation and HR department through concise communication plan.

 We identified key metrics to be used to measure the effectiveness of the changes.

We designed a new HR dashboard to cover the entire employee experience including recruitment, onboarding, payroll, ER, talent development, leadership assessment, reward, performance management.

Through solid system configuration and effective process design we were able to introduce predictive analytics into the HR system architecture.

Predictive analytics were then used to drive recruitment and performance strategies.

The benefits:

Caraffi helped us understand the power of technology within HR. Working with their team we were able to unlock the potential of predictive analytics and build an SAP infrastructure that we could rely on, automate and learn from. Caraffi’s analytical approach helped us build dashboards that revolutionised our people reporting and access talent insights that enable HR to drive business performance.

Talent Director

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