The Talent Experience: Everything You Need To Know

In the war for talent, an excellent talent experience is your biggest differentiator. In fact, 94% of talent professionals globally say employee experience will be “very important” in shaping the future of HR and recruiting.

Furthermore, according to LinkedIn, there’s been a 2.4x increase in the number of HR professionals with “employee experience” in their job titles since 2014.

And it has to be considered important, because 87% of employees say that they are not fully satisfied with their experience at work, and that this dissatisfaction holds them back from performing at their best. 

But even as HR leaders seek to address their talent experiences, employee expectations are rising. Intensely personalised and customer focused experiences, especially within retail, have catapulted consumer expectations of what an experience with an organisation can be. 91% of HR leaders believe customer experiences have raised employee expectations.

Similarly, as consumers increasingly want their spending to have a positive social and environmental impact, they are also looking to work for companies with good reputations. 50% of candidates say they wouldn’t work for a company with a bad reputation – even for a pay increase. If your business doesn’t deliver on the promise you make to your people, then you could incur reputational damage in the market.


Your talent experience is the combination of your candidate and employee experiences. It’s the summation of every single touchpoint that you have with talent – from the very first moment of attraction to your offboarding and ambassadorship experiences.

Here’s a handy breakdown:

It’s important to remember that your talent experience has to be underpinned at all times by your:

Vision, purpose and values: what do you stand for as a company and where are you going?

EVP: The articulation of your ‘give and get’ – what do you expect from your people and what will they get in return?

DNA of successful talent: an understanding of the traits that lead to high performance in your business looking at personality and experience.

Employer brand: the mechanism through which your people proposition comes to life. It’s the creative way that you communicate it internally and externally.


A truly great talent experience that will set apart from your competition should be:


Authentic and Optimised

You cannot start to build a brilliant talent experience without firstly uncovering your authentic EVP. Organisations have to align every single talent touchpoint with the EVP – consistently communicating the ‘give’ and ‘get’ to talent in an authentic way.

If your EVP is not authentic, you’ll see retention rates plummet as people soon learn that they’re not getting what they were promised.


Inspiring throughout

Your EVP must be communicated at every stage of the talent lifecycle via your employer brand, not just when you’re trying to attract talent, but all the way through talent’s journey with you.



Your talent experience needs to be consistent across each department and location. Of course, you’ll have to be flexible enough to adapt to local nuances but a great talent experience will give all the talent your organisation speaks to a similar experience. Having streamlined, well-documented processes and the right recruitment model will help you deliver this.

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