The Do's and Don'ts of working with your TA team

At it’s best, the talent acquisition process should be a heady collaboration between the recruitment team and the hiring managers. But when expectations aren’t properly set, or the process responsibilities aren’t properly assigned, this relationship can be a little tense – which has a knock on effect to the candidate experience.

So we sat down with our own brilliant TA team and asked them for their insight – looking at the ways hiring managers can help or hinder the recruitment process.

Here are the dos and don’ts of working with your TA team as a hiring manager:

DO - Use your own networks

Like and engage with the social posts that your TA team puts out. If you think your network contains the talent you’re looking for then get sharing! If you can, then get your team involved as well. Nothing shouts louder than a great referral from someone who currently works for the business.

DO - Keep TA updated

Update TA about any changes to any interview processes, candidates or hiring outcomes. If there’s one thing no one likes at work, it’s a hidden surprise. Sometimes last minute changes are unavoidable but make sure you update TA when this happens.

DO - Give detailed, professional feedback

The experience that candidates receive has a real impact on your organisation’s reputation. Giving great feedback to both successful and unsuccessful candidates is an easy way you can help set your businesses up as a destination employer for top talent. Make sure you log your feedback in the CRM so it can be easily accessed by your TA team.

DO - Lend your expertise

Have a real think about the places you could be finding talent. Are their relevant communities and companies that TA should know about? Remember you have insights into the audience you want to hire that could help TA, just as they’ll have their own expert insights they can share with you.

DO - Be specific

TA cannot find “great performers” as a general search. The more you can define what a great candidate looks like to you, the more accurate TA can be with their shortlisting.

DON'T - Stare at the clock

Finding the perfect candidate for your role can take time – especially if you require a niche skillset. It’s in the TA team’s best interest to find you amazing people so put your trust in them and the results will speak for themselves.

DON'T - Try an manoeuvre around TA

If an agency and the TA team are both approaching the same candidates for the same role it can give an impression of disorganisation. Plus, most of the time working with your in-house TA team is more commercially viable.


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