Discover how we implemented a digitally enabled TA strategy on a global scale for this FTSE 250 retailer.

The challenge:

This customer was looking to transform Talent Acquisition across their Technology, Marketing and Corporate Services departments.

The new mission set out by the CEO had a high dependency on improved capability in both technology and digital marketing so it was crucial for the business to find exceptional talent in these areas.

Operating in APAC, EMEA and the US the business had historically worked within a regional HR model, but was transitioning into a global shared service model for TA, HR Ops and ER.

The current TA strategy was not working and the organisation was experiencing a number of challenges…

The business was known in the market as a traditional retailer and was not seen, or presented, as a destination employer for technology/ marketing professionals. As a result, the volume and quality of the applicants for these roles was poor.

This organisation had no social strategy or content plan that could showcase their employer brand and support recruitment efforts.

The selection process was highly dependent on the subjective assessment of untrained and relatively unskilled hiring managers.

As a result there was a high level of poor recruitment decisions leading to new starter performance issues during induction and a high level (25%) of first year churn.

There were no predictive analytics or AI tools in use for TA

TA data was unreliable and inaccurate. TA reporting was completed locally and required significant manual intervention.

The business lacked confidence in all TA Management information and had begun to lose faith in the in-house TA team and their capability to deliver against critical vacancies.

The Hiring Managers in these critical departments were beginning to bypass the internal TA service and engage with 3rd party agencies leading to an increased cost of c$2m as well as significant data breaches and breakdowns in systems and process compliance.

The solution:

Caraffi was engaged to deliver our three step transformation methodology in order to help design and implement a digital TA strategy that was capable of:

Attracting and retaining talent with the required skillsets

Re-positioning the business as a destination employer

Delivering an inspiring experience for both candidates and hiring managers

Step 1 - The Prism

We conducted a full diagnostic of the existing TA service to understand what needed to change, how quickly a change could be made and how a change might best be managed.

The outputs from our prism included:

We gave this client a full cloud system review including system requirements for integration improvements, configuration changes and new functionality.

Full to-be process engineering designs for TA across every region.

We gave our recommendations for a digital TA strategy tailored to the specific need of the business (including AI and predictive analytics)

Market benchmarking and intelligence on digital best practice and competitor behaviours.

Assessment of the existing TA team and hiring manager capability in the light of a new digital strategy with full gap analysis and development/ comms plan

Assessment of the EVP, employer brand and social strategy with recommendations for change

Design of new TA dashboards and analytics systems

Assessment of the behaviours, motivations, performance and cultural alignment of all stayer performers in the business through psychometric, situational judgement and Biodata analytics.

The results of this assessment outlined the DNA of a successful hire within a region and was positioned as a baseline for greater science in the selection process.

Step 2 - The Lens

Having submitted a range of recommendations for change following the Prism diagnostic, we worked with the customer to discuss their options and decide on the correct transformation plan.

During this stage we worked with the HR, technology and marketing leadership teams to make decisions on the scale and pace of change in TA.

Following a number of workshops and meetings we were able to design a new global digital TA strategy and document a detailed programme plan for the transformation, complete with business case for change.

Step 3 - The Transformation

Caraffi was engaged to programme manage the transformation of TA and the introduction of a new digital TA strategy.

The programme lasted 18 months and during this time we successfully delivered:

We implemented talent dashboards integrating accurate data across TA, performance management, learning and development and internal comms.

We introduced predictive analytics and cultural fit DNA testing into the selection process for technology and sales.

Caraffi introduced AI tools into the attraction process for candidate mapping and engagement.

Caraffi redesigned and relaunched the entire candidate journey and transformation of all candidate touchpoints, communications and metrics (careers site, social, interviews, on- boarding).

We redesigned the ATS configuration & ennsured the integration of recruitment systems with all cloud technology for HR

We oversaw the upskilling and development of the TA team and hiring managers in new the new process and digital strategy and tools.

The benefits:

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