Top tips for creating the ultimate employee induction

It’s well documented that 90% of employees decide whether they want to stay in your business during their first six months with you, and 20% of employee turnover happens within the first 45 days.

That’s why ensuring your business provides a brilliant onboarding process to induct employees to your business is so important. It will boost engagement rates – especially among new starters, and reduce first-year churn. Plus you’ll notice that new starters will become productive more quickly.

To help you create a world-class induction for your employees, we asked the Caraffi experts for their top tips:



58% of organisations say their onboarding program is focused on processes and paperwork. But your induction has to have people at its core.

People connect with people, so make sure your induction includes sections where people talk to them about the business, the culture, and how they felt during their first months. A short, authentic video of your employees will make more of an impression than some text on a screen.



When creating your induction’s structure, really think about what information you’re new starters need to know, and when they need to know it.

For example, knowing where to get a coffee and where the toilets are on day one are more important than a detailed analysis of the busines strategy – so you could leave that to day 2!

Your best bet is splitting your induction into distinct timeframes – so pre-joining, day one, the first six months.


Information on your culture, your values and the DNA of your business.

Day One

The FAQs – What do I wear, How do I get there, where do I park etc…

First 6 Months

More detail on the business. Be sure to include information on development and progression


Mix e-learning with a number of activities that encourage interactivity with the people in their team and the wider business. You should also include some time for self-reflection in each module so inductees have the time to really understand how the information you’ve provided relates to them in their role.



Your managers should be directly involved in the creation of your induction, and they should have a big part to play in inducting new starters. Give them clear guidance on their roles and responsibilities and best practices during the induction process.



The feedback from your new starters is invaluable. It often helps you see the gap between the internal perception of your business, and the external perception people have as they enter it. The ask the questions that we sometimes miss when we are embedded in a business.

Make sure you have a means of recording these and actioning them because they’ll challenge the way you do things and may help shape the future of your business.



Your induction will inevitably go out of date as your business adapts to serve its mission. Make sure that someone in your organisation is responsible for updating the content in each area of your induction. When updating your content use the written feedback you’ve been given and also consult any analytics your e-learning system generates to consistently improve the induction experience.

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