A recent survey carried out by Tiger Recruitment and YouGov asked 1000 employees about their feelings about Brexit.

A third of the employees surveyed said that they are already feeling negative effects of Brexit. Of these employees, 47% say they are more stressed and anxious, 36% say they’ve noticed a decrease in new projects and 33% have seen a reduced level of risk-taking in their business.

It’s more than three years since the EU referendum, and while businesses have shown incredible resilience, they are crying out for certainty and stability in the political landscape. Businesses and their employees have to be able to make big decisions, take risks, and experiment in order to grow. Yet, as things stand, Brexit is stopping them from doing this. We’ve reached a state of limbo, which is stifling innovation and growth.

David Morel, CEO and Founder of Tiger Recruitment

Nearly half (46%) said that they are worried about the future impact of Brexit on their business. Their biggest concerns are:

  • Wages stagnating (58%)
  • Job losses (56%)
  • Fewer opportunities for career progression (30%)

Those in London and Scotland are the most worried about Brexit (54%) while those in the North-East are the least worried (33%). This seems unsurprising since it corresponds with the referendum results where London and Scotland voted mostly to remain, whilst constituencies in the North-East voted majority to leave.

Furthermore, a fifth of respondents said that it’s become harder to recruit staff.

While I’m confident that businesses will remain resilient whatever the outcome, it is understandable that employees are feeling worried and insecure about the future. Employers must address this issue head on by placing extra focus on employee communication and motivation, to help allay these fears and keep employees engaged throughout the uncertainty.

David Morel, CEO and Founder of Tiger Recruitment

It is worth noting however, that this research was undertaken by YouGov between the 18th – 24th July 2019. So who knows what effect the tumultuous events of last week might have had on these figures!

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