Brand and experience

Create experiences that inspire your workforce and help you win the war for talent.

Employees expect more from work than ever. But 87% say they are not satisfied with the experience and that this is holding them back from performing at their best.*

This puts organisations that deliver seamless, inspiring talent experiences at a huge advantage over their competitors. You can become a go-to destination for high-quality talent by clearly defining what makes you special as an employer, and weaving it into every stage of the talent lifecycle.

*Gartner CHRO Quarterly 

Why Caraffi?

We take your EVP and employer brand experiences to another level.

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Make it personal

Make it personal

Every solution we create is different and based on the unique needs and demands of your organisation.
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Go fully digital

Go fully digital

All our solutions are designed to transform the candidate and employee experience through digital, IA and AI tools.

Do more with data

Do more with data

We use a research-based approach to identify root causes and create solutions that work.

Get expert solutions

Get expert solutions

We have specialists in everything from employer brand to data analytics, from occupational psychology to research.


Before we help you design a winning strategy, we analyse your current employer brand and talent experiences, breaking them down into their component parts.

Strategy IconWhat is your business vision, mission, purpose and strategy and what does this mean for the people in your organisation?

DNA iconWhat are your core company values? How well are these translated into behaviours and communicated to your talent?

Brief iconA strong employer value proposition makes you a destination employer. Why do people love working at your organisation? What makes you different? What do you offer that talent is looking for? Where are the gaps in your EVP? And how can you make it work harder?

Benchmarking iconMore and more companies are fighting over smaller and smaller talent pools. How does your EVP and employer brand stack up against the competition?

Talent lifecycle iconHow engaging are the experiences you offer at each candidate and employee touchpoint? We’ll provide you with a documented overview of your talent lifecycle, detailing current talent experiences and offering recommendations for improvement.

Measure iconAre your attraction and engagement strategies fully optimised? We’ll measure them against industry best practice and find ways to make them better.


With our talent expertise and your intricate knowledge of your organisation, we can create experiences that differentiate you from your competitors and build your reputation in the talent marketplace.

Employer value proposition (EVP)
Understand what makes you special as an employer – and make sure your candidates and employees understand too. Your EVP needs to be clear, compelling, authentic and aligned with your strategy and values.
Employer brand communication
We help you develop an inspiring employer brand for your organisation and then bring it to life consistently and creatively across the talent lifecycle.


A solution isn’t a solution until you make it reality. We’ll partner with you to bring your EVP and employer brand communications to life across every stage of the talent lifecycle.


Attraction and selection

  • Careers site
  • Social and digital media strategies
  • Attraction campaigns
  • ATS and interview experience
  • Hiring manager training
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  • Pre and day one experiences
  • Employee induction
  • Buddy schemes
  • Employee handbook


  • Workspace
  • Wellbeing
  • Inclusion
  • Internal comms
  • Intranet
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  • Learning and development
  • Mentoring
  • Career paths
  • Personal development plans
  • Recognition
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  • Benefits
  • Salary
  • Remuneration committees
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  • Exit interviews
  • Alumni programme
  • Ambassadors
  • Boomerang hires