Over three quarters of people (76%) want to work for firms with a good reputation, according to the latest business reputation survey “Everyone’s Business” by the CBI, in collaboration with Porter Novelli and Opinium.

However, only 42% of those surveyed believed that businesses are working to improve people’s lives in their local areas.

But empowering local communities isn’t the only way that businesses can gain a good reputation. Treating employees well (61%), a greater focus on gender pay (40%) and the environment (38%) can go a long way to swelling a business’s reputation.

“There is no question that more can be done, as 76% of the public say they would want to work for a business with a good reputation, the benefits of demonstrating firms positive impact can affect everything from a company’s bottom line to the talent it attracts. “Employees are key. They are a company’s ambassadors and the public trust their voices and seek them out. So great firms are doing all they can to engage them and help them tell on the ground stories. “This starts with championing social causes that they feel are important, from closing the gender pay gap to reducing their carbon footprint.

Josh Hardie, CBI Deputy Director-General

But having a good reputation as a business not only helps you attract the best talent, it also aids your bottom line.

In recent years we have seen the emergence of the 'conscious consumer.'

Adam Wilson, Associate Director at Opinium

In fact, 76% of UK adults are choosing who to interact with based on reputation, using purchasing power to send a message to businesses. They are also less likely to buy the products or services of a company with a bad reputation (79%).

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